The R factor: Information+ Communication and Relation Technology

Bibiana Vargas for TRICLab

It is an honor and a privilege to present the following ideas crafted through the last years in the hallways of the school of journalism and communication of Zaragoza University by Carmen Marta-Lazo and José Antonio Gabelas.  As a number of records and communications state in diverse papers and writings, their journey is that of many scholars, researchers, marketers, teachers and digital citizens who understand that it is technology who serves humanism.  This piece does nothing but introduce the works of the researchers mentioned above, while framing the scope and aim of TRICLab.  English speakers:  our warmest welcome to the first of our posts expressly written in English.


Everything is connected.  The networks that build up the digital ecosystem are potent connectors which draw and give flow to new educational and communicative scenarios which transcends technology itself.  That´s why we speak of ICTR. (Information+Communication+Relation+Technology) not only ICT.  We integrate the relational factor –FactorR– as a central element of the process.  Everything is moved and mediated by the R factor. Relations between actors of communication, and the connections between them.

The R symbolizes connection, interaction, collaboration, co-creation, reflection and digital humanism which must impregnate the networked educational and communicative process. Learning processes, and the social construction of knowledge, within the edu-communicational context, requires a methodology -inteRmethodology, a pedagogical narrative that connects, relates and motivates.

Using this hyperdimensional perspective of communication, emotion and empathy are a must when building relations: connected emotions, connected feelings to communicate, teach and learn.  The R factor is a synaptic explosion.  Mind, body, and environment form a network of connections where cognition and emotion converge.

Attention, interest, desire, and action.  All these mediated on-line and off-line by the Relation created among and between users, contexts. Created and recreated enhancing knowledge, experiences and enriching personal learning landscapes, where learning leaves its traces seen through social media, blog posting.  Education and communication do build a visible path, leaving its digital print.

How do we interact with these relations? The role of media literacy

Understanding these relations requires more skill than ever before.  Audiovisual competencies as understood a few decades ago is somehow not enough to bring a healthy stand to the avalanche of information and communicative pollution citizens digital or not being exposed to. Furthermore, understanding the media environment is not enough, for which we thought some skill was needed.  The Relations built require not only technical skill to be managed and appropriated but the much more critical attitude in favor of a culture of participation and cooperative learning which enhances the full potential of the medium in which all takes place, the web.
The ICRT concept goes further than mere technological determinism.  Relation imbricates the full potential of multiple literacies produced by interactions, whether as creators or receptor of each co-author or mediator.  Certainly no room for plain consumption. That is a matter to be dully analyzed separately.
The R factor surpasses the ICT discourse, searching for digital humanism, understanding the lights and shadows of technology and integrating its mediation in learning and teaching processes. TRICLab explores this environment through research and conversation among disciplines, through exploring conversation and online narratives.  We are a permanent beta project, doors open, welcoming ideas, synergies and wanderers of the web eager to bring innovative mediation and literacies a reality.
You are invited to peek through our media accounts and our blog posts.  We have been busy lately covering more ground.  The results are encouraging.  We open the door to a new language, new forms of expression, views and collaborative partnerships.








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